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ACTIvision Blizzard Microsite


Activision Blizzard’s 2018 annual report gives investors an insight into the company and its performance. In seeking a more digestible and attractive version of the annual report document, this speculative microsite lends a look at the key data and talking points. All designed while synergizing multiple brands and leveraging interaction as a tool for data emphasis and retention.
Project Objective
Take the content of a burdensome, 148 page PDF and create an enticing microsite that maintains both the critical points and three main brands of Activision Blizzard.
Visual Language​​​​​​​

3 Companies in 1
The three subsidiary companies each carry unique brands. Activision brings realism or grungy titles while King’s provides family friendly visuals. Blizzard dabbles in both of these while focusing on stylization and a larger-than-life energy.
User Flow
Kept a linear experience familiar to those who would otherwise  be browsing a reports. Alternatively, the user can use the hover-based navigation menu to quickly reach the page most important to them.

Interaction Highlights
Each interaction was designed to keep the user engaged and give responsiveness. Interactivity also enabled some data to be optional or more intuitively displayed.

Final Prototype​​​​​​​

Best suited at fullscreen on smaller computer displays. May require a moment to load.

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