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Hands On: The Video Game Controller


Hands On is a tribute to the gateway between worlds; the video game controller. From CX40 to Dualsense, this little e-book covers the iconic gaming device and its history, cultural impact, and possible futures.
Project Objective
Design + write a short e-book about the videogame controller, covering its history, cultural impact, and possible future.
Visual Language
A bit of old + new. Inspired by the plastic controllers of old, an eye-friendly light grey was used as the main background color. Vibrant, energetic gradients push the tone towards modernity and beyond.
Technical style vector graphics that best show the evolutions in features and geometry of controllers.

(Not traced!)

The Rubik and Aileron type families team up for a smooth reading experience that says, “This is about tech — gamer tech.”

7 columns, 8 rows, plenty of flexibility.

Front Matter + The Controller
The Future + Appendix
Final Book
Take a flip around for yourself!

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